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2013 Strategic Plan (124 KB PDF)

Shared Space Guidance (3.6Mb PDF)

In March 2010, Mairi Joyce was awarded the Transportation Group Study Award to support her investigation of the feasibility of preparing a Guidance Note for the implementation of Shared Spaces for urban, town centre environments in New Zealand. The following link is to the guidance note which has been prepared by Mairi to meet the requirements of the award.

Roundabout magazine

Roundabout is the newsletter of the Transportation Group, published quartely. It features topical articles and other relevant tidbits from the traffic world, as well as details on the latest happenings in the NZ roading/transportation scene.

Roundabout is available to all members as a PDF, or is available in a printed form mailed out on request to the Editor.

Technical Conference Papers

Papers from the annual Technical Conferences of the Transportation Group (TG).

The papers cover various aspects of land transport research and practice (particularly roading) and are peer-reviewed prior to presentation and publication.

A Wheel on Each Corner By Malcolm Douglass

This is a history from 1956 to 2006 of the activities and the members of the Transportation Group of Engineering New Zealand.