3M Traffic Safety Innovation Award

3M Traffic Safety Innovation Award – postponed to 2023

Due to this year’s Transportation Group conference being postponed until 2023, it has been decided that the 2022 3M Award will also be postponed until 2023, where we hope to be able to give out two awards.

We apologise to those who have already applied for the 2022 award and those groups will be contacted to see if they want their applications held over until next year.


The 3M Traffic Safety Innovation Award is based on the Safe System approach. The Safe System approach aims for a more forgiving road system that takes human fallibility and vulnerability into account. Under a Safe System we design the whole transport system to protect people from death and serious injury.

Under the Safe System approach, all system designers must share the responsibility for road safety outcomes. System designers include planners, engineers, parents, policy makers, enforcement officers, educators, utility providers, insurers, vehicle manufacturers and importers, the media, fleet managers and many more.

The award seeks any participants in the system design to put forward proposals that show innovative thinking under one of the four pillars of the Safe System approach: Safe roads and roadsides; Safe speeds; Safe road use; Safe vehicles.

The winner of the award will be announced at the Transportation Group conference in Tauranga in March 2023. The winner or team leader of the winning project will win a trip to the ATSSA conference in USA and will visit the 3M head office (Covid travel restrictions permitting). The winning project will also be promoted by 3M and the Transportation Group through media and industry channels.

Entries for the 2023 award(s) will open later in 2022.

The application form is here

Transport Research Award

Transport Research Award

Applications are now open for the Transportation Group Research Award

Each year the Group provides a Transport Research Award (formerly known the Study Award) worth up to $8,000 for a Group member (or members) to undertake study in New Zealand or overseas, to learn about issues that are important and topical in the transportation area, and then to spread that useful and usable knowledge to peers.

If you believe you can help the profession learn more about important transportation issues, apply now for the Award.  The essential requirements are that the research area is relevant to the interests of the Group, and that you document and disseminate your newfound knowledge to your Group peers.

Applications for the next award will open later in the year. See the entry form for details of last year’s application. 

Enquiries or applications should be sent electronically to Transportation Group Awards Co-ordinator – Daniel Newcombe


Tertiary Study Grant

The Transportation Group aims to advance the knowledge base and practice of the transportation profession in New Zealand.

The Tertiary Study Grant is for $10,000 for a member of the Transportation Group to undertake tertiary study to advance the knowledge base and practice of transportation in New Zealand.

This study will focus on issues that are important and topical in the transportation area, and then the successful member will spread that useful and usable knowledge to peers.

Applications for the next award will open later in the year.

The application form is here. Enquiries should be sent electronically to:

Awards Co-ordinator – Daniel Newcombe daniel.newcombe@at.govt.nz

AITPM Conference sponsorship

The Transportation Group also provides sponsorship to the AITPM conference in Australia, to the value of the registration fee. The call for applications varies from year to year depending upon the date of the conference.  If interested, keep an eye out for the call for applications.