About the group

The Transportation Group New Zealand is a Technical Interest Group of Engineering New Zealand, with over 1,100 members.  The Group was formerly known as the IPENZ Transportation Group.

Membership of the Group is open to anyone with a professional interest in or who are directly involved in transportation matters (just click Join button above).

The Group is managed by a National Committee and operates with the purpose of advancing the technical knowledge, planning and management of land-based transportation facilities, networks and systems for the movement of people and goods.

The Group aims include:

  1. developing and sharing national and international advances in engineering and technological knowledge, standards, and technical expertise so as to assist in the professional development of members;
  2. contributing to the development and recognition of good practice, facilitating the planning and creation of better transportation networks and management practices, so increasing the productivity of existing and new transport systems;
  3. supporting Group members in their career development, through conferences, education, training, workshops, research and publications; and
  4. providing opportunities for the sharing of ideas and creating a national network for members.

Membership is drawn from the full spectrum of all those who provide services in the transport industry.

The Group runs an annual conference (http://www.tgconference.co.nz), a wide range of local networking and informative events, produces a quarterly magazine (Roundabout) and a monthly email newsletter (Mini-Roundabout).

There is also a growing list of publications that have been supported or funded in some way by the Group, such as through the Research Award.

To find out about the Transportation Group’s operating procedures, please click here

There are three technical subgroups available for those members with a specialist interest in the area:

  1. Signals NZ User Group (SNUG).
  2. The Trips Database Bureau (TDB).
  3. The NZ Modelling Users Group (NZMUGS).

“The Transportation Group is recognised as the foremost impartial and credible voice on transportation issues in New Zealand. Its perspectives are invariably sought when new policies and legislation are being developed. It makes a significant contribution to the major transportation debates of the day, often taking the lead in raising issues for consideration.”

Signals NZ User Group

The Signals NZ User Group (SNUG) aims to advance the fundamental knowledge of the art, science and practice of design, operation and maintenance of traffic signals.

SNUG is a subgroup of the Transportation Group New Zealand. Membership of SNUG is open to anyone with a membership of the Transportation Group. If you wish to join then please email tech.groups@engineeringnz.org.

The affairs of the SNUG are managed by a National Management Committee. They are responsible for the policy and administration of the Group, including:

  • arranging conferences, seminars and symposia
  • developing liaisons with existing organisations with similar or related objectives
  • promotion of technical education by such means as discussion groups, technical papers and assistance to educational authorities
  • assistance with the preparation of standard specifications, contract procedures, codes of practice, etc
  • preparation of public relations material
  • encouragement of relevant research
  • the expression of the views of the Group on matters within the Group’s activity and interests

More information can be found at www.snug.org.nz, including viewing and participation in the SNUG technical forums.

NZ Modelling User Group

The NZ Modelling User Group (NZMUGS) is a sub-group of the Transportation Group, dedicated to promote the interests of modelling within the transportation industry in NZ. It is the intention that NZMUGS will represent all aspects of modelling including static/ deterministic, micro-simulation, wide-area/ strategic modelling, passenger transport modelling, as well as emerging areas as pedestrian and accessibility modelling.

The NZMUGS Conference provides a significant opportunity for researchers, engineers, modellers and other practitioners in the transportation modelling fraternity to discuss current developments with macroscopic, static/ deterministic, micro- simulation, wide-area/ strategic modelling, passenger transport modelling as well as emerging areas such as pedestrian and accessibility modelling.

Keep an eye on the News section for information on the conference or other events.

Go to the NZMUGS page

NZ Trips and Parking Database Bureau

The New Zealand Trips and Parking Database Bureau (NZTPDB) formed in 2002 and was expanded in 2008 to include both New Zealand and Australian members when it adopted it’s present name, the Trips Database Bureau (TDB). It became an Incorporated Society in 2004.

The main purpose of the Bureau is to maintain and share a database of parking and trip surveys, for assistance in the wider assessment and planning of transportation matters.

Our members include local and regional councils, institutional organisations, consultancies and individual practitioners with an involvement in traffic and land use planning.

The Trips Database Bureau’s uses the TRICS platform for the New Zealand Trips Database.  This is the culmination of nearly two years of discussions and negotiation with the UK branch and includes the final migration of our Australian and New Zealand database onto the TRICS platform from what has been just an excel spreadsheet for many years.

In order to join, contact us at tripsdatabasebureau@gmail.com and we can send out a Membership Agreement.  TRICS will then send you a login and password to the database that will be accessed via the TRICS website: http://www.trics.org/Login.aspx

Subscriptions will still be maintained by the TDB.  Any problems please contact TDB on tripsdatabasebureau@gmail.com

To find out about the Transportation Group’s operating procedures, please click here

To update your membership details, please contact: tech.groups@engineeringnz.org