In early 2018 the Transportation Group’s National Committee updated the Group’s Rules and modified them to become Operating Procedures.

The revised Operating Procedures were voted upon at the AGM at the annual conference in Queenstown in March 2018.

Updated Operating Procedures

At the recent 2020 AGM some changes were voted on and accepted to reflect the following:

  • Alignment with ENZ rules
  • Recognise and align with ENZ Ethical Code of Conduct
  • Formalise a long-standing benefit of life members being entitled to one free conference registration per year
  • Allowing remote voting on motions before an AGM or Special General Meeting
  • How we will handle complaints

The proposed changes were made available as a survey with the AGM report allowing members to comment on the changes. We received 9 responses, all supported the changes and one respond suggested a change to the proposed the complaints process which was adopted as suggested.

A copy of the operating procedues is available here:

Transportation Group operating procedures from March 2020