In early 2018 the Transportation Group’s National Committee updated the Group’s Rules and modified them to become Operating Procedures.

Changes were required due to the transition of IPENZ to Engineering NZ, of which the Group is a Technical Interest Group, and also to formally update the Group’s processes to match current activities.

The revised Operating Procedures were voted upon at the AGM at the annual conference in Queenstown in March 2018.

The Rules were changed as they no longer reflected the activities of the Group and it’s members.  The Rules were based on those of IPENZ (now known as Engineering NZ) and they no longer reflected how we manage ourselves as a Group.

The main Rules changes include:

  • Updating the Group name to the Transportation Group NZ, as part of our wider rebranding and recognising that IPENZ has changed its name
  • Updating the Group purpose to be broader than the previous engineering focus, recognising our Group’s current range of interest areas
  • Removing the distinction between Group members with or without full membership of Engineering NZ (i.e. MIPENZ) as this is increasingly irrelevant for Group purposes
  • Removing the requirement for the National Committee Chair or Vice-Chair to be a full member of IPENZ (though they must still have Group experience and be nominated from within the Group to be eligible)
  • Updating the way the National Committee can use co-opted members, to reflect the way it now operates
  • Confirming that the AGM is to be held at the annual conference, when we can get the greatest number of members together
  • Giving branch committees flexibility in how they establish themselves, given the difficulty many branch committees have in gathering their members
  • Other minor changes reflecting the way the National Committee or membership currently operates.

A copy of the operating procedues is available here:

Transportation Group operating procedures from March 2018