The NZ Modelling User Group (NZMUGS) is a sub-group of the Transportation Group, dedicated to promote the interests of transport modelling within NZ. It is the intention that NZMUGS will represent all aspects of modelling including static/ deterministic, micro-simulation, wide-area/ strategic modelling, passenger transport modelling, as well as emerging areas as pedestrian and accessibility modelling.

The NZMUGS Conference provides a significant opportunity for researchers, engineers, modellers and other practitioners in the transportation modelling fraternity to discuss current developments with macroscopic, static/ deterministic, micro-simulation, wide-area/ strategic modelling, passenger transport modelling as well as emerging areas such as pedestrian and accessibility modelling.

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NZMUGS 2021: Registrations Are Open!

Get your registrations in for the 2021 NZMUGs Online Conference.  The Conference starts next week on Monday 13 September. Registrations include access to six online sessions over the two-week period.

This is the 14th annual conference to be held by NZMUGS which is dedicated to promoting the interests of modelling in the New Zealand transportation industry. The group aims to give a unified voice for modelling issues with consultants and clients working together to improve standards, highlight innovations and debate topical issues. The theme of this years conference is:

Schrödinger’s Models – How do we determine if our forecasting models are successful without killing the cat?

  • if you can’t prove a model is wrong, does that make it right? Is it enough to always be both right and wrong?
  • Our models compare alternate futures, but we can only ever measure one of these so how do we know whether
  • our models help make optimised decisions for a changing world?
  • Is our modelling helping inform decisions for a world that we know needs to change, or do they simply provide
  • ‘evidence’ that supports the status quo?

Online registration for the 2021 NZMUGS conference will cost $100 plus GST and includes all six online sessions between 13 and 24 September 2021. Conference registration links are available below, or search for NZMUGs.

Conference registrations are available on this page, or search for NZMUGs.

The Annual Group Meeting (AGM) will be held the afternoon of the third online session on the 17th of September.

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The NZMUGS Committee: Who are we? 

Nathan Harper, Chairman

Bevan Wilmshurst, Vice Chairman

Kerstin Rupp, Treasurer

John Pell, Secretary

Neha Sharma, Conference

Dave Keenan, AITPM Representative

Andrew Murray

Bob Hu

Darren Fidler

Graeme Belliss

Ian Clark (Past Chair)

Jojo Valero

Mark Gregory

Phillip Brown

Subha Nair

Tony Brennand

Werner Pretorius

Zoe Chen