The NZ Modelling User Group (NZMUGS) is a sub-group of the Transportation Group, dedicated to promote the interests of transport modelling within NZ. It is the intention that NZMUGS will represent all aspects of modelling including static/ deterministic, micro-simulation, wide-area/ strategic modelling, passenger transport modelling, as well as emerging areas as pedestrian and accessibility modelling.

The NZMUGS Conference provides a significant opportunity for researchers, engineers, modellers and other practitioners in the transportation modelling fraternity to discuss current developments with macroscopic, static/ deterministic, micro- simulation, wide-area/ strategic modelling, passenger transport modelling as well as emerging areas such as pedestrian and accessibility modelling.

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12th Annual NZMUGS conference

On 16 – 17th September we held our 12th annual conference dedicated to promoting the interests of modelling in the New Zealand transportation industry. The group came together to share knowledge, improve standards, highlight innovations and debate topical issues. The theme of this years conference was To Model or Not To Model, That is the Question

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The transport modelling industry has been collecting data, analysing data and developing more and more sophisticated models over the last 50 years, but have the outputs from these models resulted in better decisions being made? Has the right advice been given to the right people at the right time? Or are we just muddying the waters with more data and uncertainty? With a growing emphasis on having a robust evidence base for investment decisions, how should transport modellers be contributing to this? Providers of the evidence base, or advising on the decisions?

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Key Note and Guest Speakers

NZMUGs would like to thank our key note speaker Tom van Vuren and guest speaker; Martin Dutton


This years’ presentations

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A very big thank you to all who came and presented.

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Conference discussion papers

During the conference we discussed latest draft Peer Review Guidelines and our current MUGS research.

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Draft Peer Review Guidelines

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MUGS research 2019: Micro time-of-Day Choice modelling

Micro Time-of-Day Choice (MTC) describes travelers making small adjustments to their trip departure times in response to changes on the transport network.  A commonly understood example of MTC is ‘peak spreading’ as delays and travel times on the network increase over time. As a recurring theme in conference presentations, NZMUGS has commissioned a two-stage research project, undertaken by Stantec. The research offers methods for capturing and simulating the effects of MTC for a New Zealand context.

Please click here for the research paper

Conference and AGM, Wellington 2019

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The NZMUGS Comittee: Who are we? 

Nathan Harper, Chairman

Bevan Wilmshurst, Vice Chairman

Kerstin Rupp, Treasurer

John Pell, Secretary

Neha Sharma, Conference

Mark Gregory,

Ian Clark (Past Chair)

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Jojo Valero

Tony Brennand

Graeme Belliss

Andrew Murray

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Dave Keenan (AITPM Representative)

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