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Note : There is an additional Engineering New Zealand administration service fee of $45 ($51.75 incl. GST) charged to members that do not already pay it as part of their Engineering New Zealand membership, except full time students who are not charged.

Membership Details

The Transportation Group is the pre-eminent professional body for traffic engineers and transportation planners in New Zealand. Membership benefits include receipt of quarterly editions of “Roundabout”, the group’s flagship publication, keeping members up to date on developments in the profession. Members also can attend the annual Engineering New Zealand Transportation Conference and local branch meetings and activities in our five branches . Members of the group have the opportunity to be involved in preparing submissions on all major transportation issues, legislation and policies. A number of our members are not engineers and only about half are members of Engineering New Zealand, so membership of Engineering New Zealand is not a prerequisite. Come and join over 1,000 other traffic and transportation practitioners from around the country, and ensure your own continuing professional development and the development of the profession.

Annual fees are:

  • NZ$55.00 + GST for Engineering New Zealand members
  • NZ$100.00 + GST for others due to an Engineering New Zealand administration fee

Membership applications are typically considered by the National Committee once a month, and it can take from a week to a month for accepted applications to be loaded into the database and for the new member to start receiving Group emails.


The criteria for being a Member of the Transportation Group is being a current or past member of Engineering New Zealand in any membership class which requires the demonstration of a qualification or suitable level of experience. Therefore this does not include those with Companion, Affiliate and Student Membership of Engineering New Zealand.

The principle differences between an Affiliate Member and a Member of the Transportation Group based on the 2008 rules are:

  • Membership of the National Committee requires a minimum proportion of Members, which may limit the number of Affiliate Members on the National Committee.
  • Affiliate members identify their membership by using the statement that they are “An Affiliate Member of the Transportation Group” rather than “A Member of the Transportation Group”.

Details on Members

A list of members can be found in the Members’ Only area. Any member can update their details online via the members’ only area of the Engineering New Zealand website or alternatively email tech.groups@engineeringnz.orgwith updated details.