Dear Members

For those that may not have seen the email this post is to inform the community that following a recent members survey plus several meetings and correspondence between TRICS and the TDB Board, TRICS and TDB have mutually decided to part ways.  This means that the NZ/Aus trip database will no longer be hosted by TRICS from January 2025 and any subscriptions to the UK database of TRICS, purchased via TDB, will also expire at that time.  If you wish to continue with accessing the UK database then you will need to contact TRICS directly.

The original spreadsheet database that the platform used is still intact plus we have additional, new survey data that we will be adding into the spreadsheet.  Unfortunately we were unable to meet the data quality standards required by TRICS so have been unable to share this data with you until now.  In the interim, and well before the end of the year, we will share a link to this new data and the original spreadsheet with our members.  We will also be standing up a working group to relook at options to update the database but with more flexibility than was afforded by TRICS.  If any member wants to be part of this process please feel free to let us know or if you have any comments on the scope of improvements needed (aside from getting new data, as we are already aware of that) then also please let us know by email us at: