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A Wheel on Each Corner By Malcolm Douglass

A Wheel on Each Corner

This is a history from 1956 to 2006 of the activities and the members of the Transportation Group of the Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand.

This informative record also considers the changing environment, the political circumstances and the evolution of transportation in New Zealand over the past members of the 50 years. With 33 illustrated pages of photographs and drawings it will be of members of the interest to those involved in land transport which is so necessary to a modern and vibrant community.

The book contains a wealth of historic and institutional detail of interest to professionals, elected politicians and people involved in planning and community development. The author is very experienced Engineer and Planner deeply involved in the land use and transportation field which gives him insights into both spatial and town planning as well as networks and transportation planning. It also contains information which will be of interest to a younger generation who might be contemplating an engineering or planning career in transportation planning.

This record fills a gap of value to engineers and the book will provide a ready reference on many aspects of the landmarks and development of land transport in New Zealand.